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yourmusicshowYourMusicShow is not your average music show. No fancy equipment, no fancy radio/podcast name and most importantly, no gimmicks. The ‘YourMusicShow’ is not just one person but everyone around us, you just up to the kitchen! Remember, only original content is wanted, NO COVERS!!! Still not convinced?

Our Interview with Justin:

Muzik Lounge: When was ‘yourmusicshow’ founded?
YourMusicShow: We started in 2009.

Muzik Lounge: How did the idea come about? inspiration?
YourMusicShow: The idea came to us when the Locals Lounge with Alfredo Torres was taken off the air earlier in 2009. We felt like Alfredo was starting to make a change in the way local music was perceived in the area, so when it was taken away we felt that someone should pick up where he left off.

Muzik Lounge: Who is all part of ‘yourmusicshow?
YourMusicShow: Me, and You, and Everyone We Know. That’s a serious answer in case you were wondering. Any and everyone is part of the show, you just have to show up! D.J Blake and myself co-host/steer the ship.

Muzik Lounge: How often do you have podcasts? how long does each one last? Is it free to listen?
YourMusicShow: We broadcast live on UStream every Sunday and record every show for podcast. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and the podcast is a few weeks behind, but we’ll catch up. Generally the shows are around two hours long and are absolutely free.

Muzik Lounge: How does an artist/band submit there music?
YourMusicShow: Email as many tracks as you’d like us to play to They may not get played right away but they will get played.

Muzik Lounge: Are you open to all genres?
YourMusicShow: Without doubt. Our only rule is NO COVERS! We only want YOUR tunes…hence the name.

Muzik Lounge: Any long term goals for the music show?
YourMusicShow: Get out of D.J’s house and into some semblance of a studio and be a legit 24/7 radio station.

Muzik Lounge: Any favorite artists/bands? local or mainstream
YourMusicShow: Let me preface this answer by saying that I could answer this with at LEAST 25 bands, that’s not a lie or an exaggeration. We have never once been let down by a band who has come to visit us in the kitchen. A few of my personal favorites are SICMaN of Virginia, Broken Mouth Annie, Glass Pennies, The Asthmatics, The Nerve Scheme, Uglyography, and The Muckrakes… I so badly want to list more!


Muzik Lounge: What do you like to do for fun?
YourMusicShow: THIS! We get to see a band play in the kitchen almost every single week. Also podcasting in general. I am part of two other podcasts as well, yourWrestlingshow and ZaksMovieShow.

Muzik Lounge: Any last words?
YourMusicShow: I love you.

Contact Info:
Website: YourMusicShow
Facebook: YourMusicShow