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The mission of Tidewater Arts Outreach is to uplift the human spirit by bringing live, quality music and arts experiences to people in Hampton Roads who are in homes, hospitals, shelters, facilities and dependent care programs or otherwise are isolated from society. It all starts with the music and art programs that TAO offers. The music stimulates the mind and promotes healing power throughout the body. They also provide opportunities for self-expression and self-realization through participation in art activities. In carrying out this mission, TAO seeks to create a social awareness in the Hampton Roads communities of people who are isolated from society.

I was honored to have the chance to sit down with MaryAnn and get a more insight on her and what Tidewater Arts Outreach does for the community.

Our interview with MaryAnn:

Muzik Lounge: When did you found TAO?
MaryAnn: back in 2004 and we serve all of the 7 cities.

Muzik Lounge: What made you want to start up the non profit organization?
MaryAnn: For the elders, to rejuvenate the body and stimulate the brain through music. Also, to allow the artists to give back to the community.

Muzik Lounge: For the people out there that don’t know what TAO stands for, please give us a quick background?
MaryAnn: Tidewater Arts Outreach. TAO brings music and arts to hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and other facilities throughout Hampton Roads.

Muzik Lounge: If someone or a company wants to donate funds to TAO, in return where does the money go to?
MaryAnn: through networkforgood.org by clicking here, or by sending your check, made payable to “Tidewater Arts Outreach”, to Tidewater Arts Outreach, 809 Brandon Ave., Suite 204, Norfolk, VA  23517.

Muzik Lounge: If a facility or organization if interested in your services, how does one go about signing up/contacting TAO?
MaryAnn: http://www.twartsoutreach.org/artist_signup.html

Muzik Lounge: What are the future plans for TAO?
MaryAnn: Connect to people in the community that have the passion for your mission and that have the capacity to make substantial gifts.

Tidewater Arts Outreach is a write-in agency for the United Way annual workplace campaign and the Combined Federal Campaign in Hampton Roads (Southside and Peninsula). Simply write us in on the “designation” line, and you can contribute any portion of your workplace pledge to go toward our work with seniors and others who have special needs. Your support is needed and appreciated. Thank you!