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the-granby-experienceA hybrid of its own and one of a kind, The Granby Experience was a street festival that took place on Granby Street between Main Street to Charlotte St. Upon arriving to the Downtown Norfolk area, I was expecting chaos of people roaming the streets and impossible parking. With barracades blocking off the streets to point you in the right direction, police on foot and on horses, the City of Norfolk had everything under control. I walked right up to Main Street with crowds of people and kids chalking up the streets of Granby. Every street had colorful-modern patio furniture that you could sit down, kick back and enjoy the live music playing.

As I continued to walked down streets of Granby, I quickly noticed the friendliness of the people. I was either greeted with a “Hey, how are you?” or a simple wave. All of the bars were open with happy hour specials, great food and friendly staff. There were coffee shops holding art shows and serving some of the best coffee in the area.

My night ended at Scotty Quixx’s to watch the band ‘Rekapse’. The Alternative/Rock band was just recently signed to Timbaland’s music label. In addition, this was my first time in the sports bar. After being greeted by the manager, I walked through the front doors and immediately noticed the amount of large floor space, exposed brick, white leather modern-style couches/chairs and the oval shaped stage. With great happy hour specials, I ordered a few drinks and devoured their amazing grilled chicken sandwich. Rekapse took the stage and put on a great show!

Written By: Stevengranby-experience