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broken mouth annieBroken Mouth Annie’s official album release party took place at The Jewish Mother in Norfolk, VA on Nov. 3 around 9pm. It was a show featuring the bands, Uglyography and Sicman of VA. First off, I just want to thank Joe from Sicman of VA for allowing Muzik Lounge to come and check out the show.

There were few local faces at the show including Larry from the band The Dahus, Lisa Perez, and Justin and his wife from Your Music Show. It’s always a great feeling to see other music enthusiasts at local shows supporting the the local music scene.

Uglyography and their “Quirkadelic Rock” style is led by lead vocalist, Matt Thomas. The band captures their audience with a quartet sound mixture of melodious guitars, bass, drum and even a keytar.¬†While performing a handful of their own original hits, Shakespeare’s Ghozt made a guest appearance and played a song with the band.

After a short intermission, Broken Mouth Annie took the stage. Broken Mouth Annie is a six-piece rock band with a very distinct Americana sound. They played songs from their new album, and even had some crowd participation with one of their songs. Their set truly captured the American spirit.

Last, but not least Sicman of VA appeared onstage and closed the night out with their psychedelic, space, punk rock music. Most of the crowd had left when Sicman played, which was a lost for them since they didn’t get to experience the epicness of the journey it felt like you took when listening to Sicman of VA. Indeed a very great band that everyone should know about.

The album release party and show was a great turnout with bands that played their hearts out. Thanks to Uglyography, Broken Mouth Annie, and Sicman of VA for the awesome show, and enlightening us locals with your unique music!

Written by: Aly