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michael morganFrom Hampton, VA, and currently living in Virginia Beach, Mike mainly applies abstract expressionism, portraiture, and surrealism. He became serious about art at Hampton High School and furthered his artistic interest at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. His art has been accepted into a number of exhibitions since 1997 with several awards along the way. He is also currently the member of several local art organizations including the Chesapeake Bay Art Association and The Hampton Arts League, with pieces showing in several local galleries and other venues. Mike’s primary media are pencil, charcoal, and acrylic painting but he also applies pen/ink drawing and oil painting. Mike has a wide range of tastes and interests in various types of art. His work can represent the current state of the outside world, how he sees it, and how it could possibly be…“I will take someone or something familiar, such as a landscape or object, and give an extra aura or aspect to it.”

Mike’s artistic influences include Salvador Dali, Chuck Close, Jackson Pollock, and MS Escher.

Mike Morgan is also a musician in a variety of styles and instruments. A multi-track artist, he started using a Tascam analog 4-track, eventually moving to Logic Pro on his recordings. Mike officially began playing music by playing on popcorn tubs covered with towels and large pots to serve as a makeshift drum-set. His first real instrument though was bass. Mike eventually got a Remo practice drum-kit which he still uses and eventually got his first real drum-set in 1995. He still uses the same white CB percussion kit today for recording and gigs. Although drums and percussion are his main instruments of choice, Mike also is skilled in keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, and trumpet. His solo project goes by the name Sundef. Playing in several local bands, Anubis and The Horehound Drops, he also sits in with a handful of other various local groups including Rio and other individual musicians.

Mike’s musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, RATM, Deftones, Beatles, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Public Enemy, The Roots.His drumming influences include Elvin Jones, Mitch Mitchell, Chico Hamilton, Taylor Hawkins, Abe Cunningham, and Ray Luzier.

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