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Our interview with Kyle Bloom

Muzik Lounge: What is ‘The Hampton Roads Show’? Describe what happens during the show.
Kyle Bloom: The Hampton Roads Show is a local, lifestyle talk show that airs weekdays at 11a on WAVY-TV 10.  There is a little bit of everything on the show.  We’ll have local chefs cook up their signature dishes in our kitchen, we’ll take you out and show the hidden gems to go to in your city in ourPostcards segment, our co-host Ariane Aramburo showcases talented and unique individuals that make a difference in our community in her I am Hampton Roads features and every Friday is Live Music Friday, where local musicians perform two original songs live on the show.

Muzik Lounge: How long is each segment?
Kyle Bloom: Each segment is a little different but they usually run around 3-4 minutes a piece.  For Live Music Friday, our featured artist will perform their first song and have a quick Q & A with one of hosts when the song is finish.  They’ll close out the show when their second tune and they’ll play us out until the show is over.  We continue to record on the performance after show is finished so that we can post both songs in their entirety on our website,

Muzik Lounge: How long have you been the music coordinator for ‘The Hampton Roads Show’?
Kyle Bloom: I’ve been the music coordinator for about two years.  I’m responsible for booking the bands, letting them know the show format, setting up the stage, mixing their sound to ensure they sound good on TV and posting their performance to our website,  I also write a music blog called Live Music Friday: The Blog ( where I feature each LMF band, review local albums and concerts and just give an overall ‘what’s happening’ in the local music scene.The Hampton Roads Show

Muzik Lounge: Do you have any background in music?
Kyle Bloom: I do.  I have a degree in music and spent the first part of my career as a studio sound engineer and producer and toured with several bands as their FOH    engineer.  I’ve worked with all kinds of artists from country to hip-hop, big names to the unsigned.

Muzik Lounge: What got you into this job?
Kyle Bloom: I did some freelance work with VH-1 about 10 years ago doing live concerts for TV and was intrigued with the television world.  When I moved toVirginia, a friend worked at WAVY and said there was part-time position available so I applied.  Fast forward 10 years later, in addition to my music coordinator duties, I’m also the director of WAVY News 10 Midday and our new show, WAVY News 10 Today on FOX 43.  I guess with my background in music and knowledge of the local scene made me a good fit to take over the music for The Hampton Roads Show.

Muzik Lounge: How do you go about booking acts on the show OR how does someone contact you to be on the show? Any specific requirements?
Kyle Bloom: It’s a mix of me finding acts or acts contacting me.  In the beginning, it was mostly me just going to shows and scouting bands or searching the internet and looking for local bands and then I would contact them to see if they wanted to play on the show.  Now, it’s mostly bands emailing, calling, tweeting or facebook-ing me about coming on the show.  Right now the number of acts that want to come on the show is at 316 and that’s not just the locals.

The blog has really taken off on a locally and nationally, I promote it like crazy and expose it our local talent to the nation and it seems to work.  For example, Robert Tepper of Rocky IV fame tweeted me that he liked the blog and Candlebox contacted me about performing on the show because they read my blog.  So these established artists know about our local scene and that’s my goal, to get the word out about our local music.  Even though bands from across the country want to come on the show, I always give the first dibs to our local guys.  Anyone that wants to come on and perform on the show, just send me an email ( with a sample of your music or you can mail me a CD here at the station.  It might take a little while to get back to you since I get multiple submissions a day but don’t worry, I will get back to you.

Muzik Lounge: Does ‘The Hampton Roads Show’ feature all styles of genres?
Kyle Bloom: We do feature all genres of music from honky tonk to hip hop to rock.

Muzik Lounge: Do you attend any local music festival/events? If so, what’s your favorite one of the year?
Kyle Bloom: I do to go out and catch as many live shows and festivals as I can.  One of my favorite recent shows I caught was the ETC Festival in Norfolk.  It was in its first year and I really hope that continue to do it.  The Dahus performed a killer set and TAO (Tidewater Arts Outreach) had a great stage full of local singer/songwriters and from there I saw Alissa Feudo perform and I though she was awesome.  In fact, after seeing her perform, I invited her to perform on the show.  She’ll be our LMF featured artist Friday, October 12.  So you just never know if I’ll be at your gig and invite you on the show.

Muzik Lounge: Do you have any favorite local acts (bands/artists)?
Kyle Bloom: That’s kind of like asking which kid is my favorite!  I love every local band on that comes on the show and performs their hand crafted original songs but I do have a couple of personal favorites.  I love Gina Dalmas and her honky tonk sound along with Pawn Shop Lifters, The Dahus are my favorite new band and they put on a killer show.  I think Revery is the one of the best rock bands I’ve ever heard and their guitarist Mike Doyle is just a master on that black Les Paul.  The Aragona Project will always have a special place in my heart because they were the first ones I ever booked on the show and they just have a great sound and always love seeing them play live.The Hampton Roads Show

Muzik Lounge: What do you think the the future holds for ‘The Hampton Roads Show’?
Kyle Bloom: That’s a good question.  We are just going to continue to do what we do best and that’s to showcase the best the Hampton Roads has to offer and I’m going to continue to feature our amazing musicians and do my little part to get the word out and make sure their neighbors get out and support them.

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