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Conrad PhillipsOur Interview with Conrad Phillips:

Muzik Lounge: When did you start painting?
Conrad Phillips: I have been drawing/ painting since the age of four, my father got me started teaching me how to draw things I Liked (Dinosaurs, pirates, etc.)

Muzik Lounge: What do you call your style of painting?
Conrad Phillips: If I were to describe it in three words; Abstract psychedelic Art

Muzik Lounge: What color can you not live without in a painting?
Conrad Phillips: God I love green, cant get enough of it

Muzik Lounge: What painting tool is indispensable to you?
Conrad Phillips: SPRAY PAINT, it is amazing what you can do with a few cans.

Muzik Lounge: Are you self-taught or formally educated/tutored in painting?
Conrad Phillips: Self taught; really i have to give it up to all of my fellow artists/friends, we’ve all grown together and shared many styles and many tricks. So ultimately i was taught by a community of like minded artists.

Muzik Lounge: What’s your best tip?
Conrad Phillips: To all the aspiring artists out there, always do your best. Your individual best will change from time to time, but always giving it your best will fulfill you and people around you 110%

Muzik Lounge: What is your primary art inspiration?
Conrad Phillips: Really uplifting spiritual moments and Music is key, nothing would flow right without some good Jams

Muzik Lounge: What is your dream/ goal for painting?Muzik Lounge: Are your paintings for sale and if so, where?
Conrad Phillips: Yes, most of my paintings are for sale if you or anyone you know is interested in a painting contact me at; if you have an idea that you would like me to undertake let me know, ill see what i can come up with.

Muzik Lounge: What’s your proudest moment related to your painting?
Conrad Phillips: One year it was right before Christmas and I was broke, went to a get together and a friend of mine said “i really like that piece that you showed me the other day” he proceeded to ask if it was for sale? I said yes and he offered me 400 dollars for the painting. That was a zenith for me.

Muzik Lounge: Favorite art materials supplier?
Conrad Phillips: The ones that give it away for free.

Muzik Lounge: What artist living or dead do you most admire?
Conrad Phillips: There are many a few of my favorites are Van goh, M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali,Ralph Steadman and H.R. Giger

Muzik Lounge: Living artist that you’d like to meet?
Conrad Phillips: Alex Grey

Muzik Lounge: One place on the planet where you’d like to go paint?
Conrad Phillips: India outside of a temple, I’ve always dreamed of fulfilling that for myself.Conrad Phillips

Muzik Lounge: Would you encourage others to take up painting?
Conrad Phillips: Absolutely; even if you feel that you don’t know how to paint, the simplest strokes can define another persons life and yours as well. It is a true meditation and very therapeutic for the mind body and soul.

Muzik Lounge: What is your all time favorite art book?
Conrad Phillips: Sooooo many I cant really say, Giger’s Necronomican and Alex grey’s Sacred mirrors are two really big influences on my work.

Muzik Lounge: What other than painting do you like to do?
Conrad Phillips: Discovering, traveling, going to festivals, skating, surfing, graffiti, fine dining, yoga, reading, Philosophy and conversations about the unknown unknowns, making beats, the list goes on an on an on.

Muzik Lounge: Anything else you care to share that’s art related?
Conrad Phillips: Art is a true meditation for me, it is the one and only thing that takes me out of my head. Without it I would have surely gone mad by now.