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It was a chilly Saturday night in Virginia Beach when we all arrived at Thai Pan restaurant. Thanksgiving just passed and lots of family, friends and acquaintances visiting for the holiday were still in town. This was perfect timing for Chivalry is Dead (CID) to host their reunion show after a six-year hiatus.

For those unfamiliar with Chivalry is Dead they are a five-piece pop-punk rock band that first started performing in 2003. They have a very distinct sound consisting of melodic and catchy riffs, and at times Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge’s singing style can be echoed thru the voice of bassist and lead singer, LR Ebba.

The venue itself was a bit small for the amount of people that came to the show, but it provided an intimate setting between the band and their audience. The show started late, but with no formal introduction Chivalry is Dead began their set with one of their older songs, “Cherish.” Along with playing other original songs (“Cheer Up Emo Kid” was always one of my faves), CID played covers from bands such as Yellowcard, Finch, Dashboard Confessional, and Blink-182. Songs I felt were inspirational of the band’s sound, and reminiscent of our past. I felt like I was in high school all over again at a rock show, bobbing my head, and singing back lyrics of songs I used to love with the band and crowd. During the middle of CID’s set they introduced guest singer, Jackie, to perform cover songs from Adele. This also brought us into intermission, where we were further entertained with Jackie’s music and other cover songs.

Although no new material was heard, it was still a great show full of camaraderie. Chivalry is Dead represent love, relationships and friendship, and their reunion show truly showed that. Check out the band’s page at Chivalry is Dead

Written By: Aly