The Wet Boys

Muzik Lounge

Uniting from all corners of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront’s underground scene, The Wet Boys have arrived to deliver a stripped-down, raw, swampy acoustic sound tempered with unbridled punk rock energy. Led by songwriter-guitarist-vocalist Brian Ashley and the attention-demanding antics of front man Tomahawk Brock, The Wet Boys quickly became stalwarts of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk underground music scenes with their signature full-throttle live performances.

The band strives to make its listeners part of the live show itself; drawing crowd participation more akin to bassist John Streit’s background in the local hardcore punk rock scene. With beats anchored by Josh Woodhouse’s technical savvy honed by years as a speed-metal drummer, The Wet Boys often have folks stumped as to the genre in which they fit. The boys decided that “Swampy Tonk” summed it up, and remain committed to continue crafting its whiskey-infused brew of folk sensibility and punk rock fire.

Drawing comparisons to Tom Waits and/or “a mariachi band on crystal meth,” the only way to truly understand The Wet Boys’ mission is to listen… or by catching a live show. Welcome to Hell.

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