Ladder Moves

Muzik Lounge

Ladder Moves…to Nathan and Dallas is the road to our dreams is the ladder itself, and making moves is the only way to go up! Nathan was born in Chesapeake,VA and grew up throughout different cities in the Hampton Roads area. He was always into anything that sounded good musically, but picked up a guitar around the age of 8 or 9 and started trying to play songs off of the radio just by listening. He played in a few bands, but found his love in producing the music himself. In highschool he started making beats in fruityloops demos, and noticed that friends and family thought it sounded good. He met Dallas through mutual friends and the chemistry was undeniable. Dallas was born in San Jose, California and moved to Virginia Beach, VA in the second grade.

Growing up his older brother and friends were always freestyling, but Dallas was always into the guitar and bands. He met Nathan through friends in his neighborhood, Salem Woods. Together they vibed off of eachother conversating through freestyles and rhymes to pass time. In and out of different music projects and listening to different varieties of music they combined forces to become Ladder Moves! They express their life through a smooth feel good lyrical catastrophe, and stay real to the roots of VA!