Dyska is a new indie rock band in the Norfolk area, which formed in early 2013. Three of the members, William Manley on drums, Nick Valese on bass, and Muj Habib on guitar, began recruiting members for a new project.Three new members were found: Thomas Newton, Justin Smith, and Dimitric Casey. Newton filled in the vacant guitar slot, Smith became the lead vocalist, and Casey joined as the synth/keyboard player.

With these new additions, Dyska was formed. A large amount of 2013 has been spent writing songs and recording a three-song EP, which will be released later the same year.

In this short time, Dyska have grown hugely as a group. The music is evolving. Soon we hope to be representing the Norfolk area in the music industry as a place where good music lives and thrives.

In the following interview, Dyska describes how the band formed, recording their first EP and plans for the upcoming year.

Muzik Lounge: When and how did the band form?
Dyska: The band formed after another local group Aduro disbanded. Late in 2012 three of Aduro’s members Bill, Nick, and Muj began working on a new project. They recruited Thomas first to play guitar then they added me (Justin) to sing. The last member to join was Dimi on the keys and backup vocals.

Muzik Lounge: What’s the meaning behind the band name ‘Dyska’?
Dyska: All that Dyska means is “This Life”

Muzik Lounge: I see you did your recording for your first EP at Clay Garden Studios, describe your experience?
Dyska: It was an extremely cool and interesting experience! It was my first time ever recording. It took some getting used to. At first it feels unnatural singing in an empty room with headphones on. Eventually I got into a rhythm and became much more comfortable. The other guys did a great job too, making it easier for me. Bill and Nick did the Bass and Drums in one night. The other guy: Muj, Nick, Dimi and Thomas worked quickly as well. Unfortunately we only had a certain amount of hours to finish the EP so we had to rush a few thing but the final product still came out well. Now hopefully people will love it!

Muzik Lounge: How many songs will be on the first EP? Release date? Title and the meaning behind it?
Dyska: There will be three songs on the EP (Broken Things): Broken Things, Darling and Of Gold. It will be released on Jan 1st 2014.

Muzik Lounge: What’s your inspiration behind the songs you write?
Dyska: As a group we just start jamming. If something cool starts happening musically we keep working on it until we have a song structure. We continually tweak the song over the next few months until we are satisfied with it. Usually when I write songs one line comes to me that I really like. It usually centers around something I have been thinking about. After I saw Les Miserables in theaters I was struck by how willing the revolutionaries were to die for their beliefs. That in a lot of ways inspired the song Contemplation who’s first line is “Why doI die? I’ve got nothing to die for.”

Contact Info:
e: dyskamusic@gmail.com