Crossover is simply a fan of true hip hop. After growing up in Staten Island, listening to artists such as Nas, Jay-Z, Fresh Prince, Wu-Tang and Busta Rhymes. He became disappointed that the art of the emcee had been replaced by mindless and repetitive music that the radios fell in love with playing. Brian would listen to the stations, perplexed that Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco and Wale songs were hardly played. He was fed up with gimmick tracks that disrespected women, promoted murder and lies about money the artist never had. Sure, he could have just taken his degree in civil engineering and sit behind a desk all day listening to the songs he despised all day on the radio, but he didn’t. He picked up a pad, pen, hopped on soundclick and began writing true Hip Hop stories that would come to life.

Our interview with Crossover:

Muzik Lounge: What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
Crossover: I think listeners will develop an appreciation for true hip hop on a level they can relate to.

Muzik Lounge: What made you want to get into the business?
Crossover: I started writing music because honestly, I was feed up with the gimmicks that the radios loved to play. My intention has always been to change the views and negative stereotypes of hip hop, and to further the line between rap music and true hip hop.

Muzik Lounge: How long you been a rap artist?
Crossover: I started writing in 2007 but haven’t really started putting in the proper work and time into it until last summer, when I linked up with JMG.

Muzik Lounge: What is the most difficult thing you had to endure in the music industry?
Crossover: The most difficult thing I’ve had to endure has been getting my friends and family members to take me seriously as an artist. Once they saw that this isn’t just a hobby, that it is a true passion, things have really taken off for me. Without their support, I would be nowhere right now.

Muzik Lounge: What do you hope to do with your music?
Crossover: I hope to tear down some of the stereotypes in this genre of music, and to live up to my name by crossing over to many other genres. My ultimate goal is to deliver great music all over the industry and to have at least one song of mine played in rotation on every kind of radio station.

Muzik Lounge: Your influences?
Crossover: My main influences are Eminem, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, and Fort Minor. Also, I have a huge respect for my fellow 757 artists who I have seen put in work like no other…URL musik, TRE, PicUp Kids, Chek and the Fam, VAblokk, Major Deal, and J. Pharaoh and the Manhattan Project. They have really inspired me to work hard to keep up with them and I can’t say enough about them.

Muzik Lounge: If he could compare himself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?
Crossover: I would compare myself to Fort Minor in that he just appreciates the art of the emcee, and I aspire to be a story teller on his level.