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ashley allenI’m a photographer from Virginia Beach Virginia, Photography is my passion, my life, There is always a camera in my hands. I don’t take pictures for just me, yes photography is the only thing that I do that feel right however, I take these photos for the people in them.

My goal is to capture that one moment that could mean everything to the subject in the photo. I want to capture those memories everyone lives for, that they remember for the rest of there lives. I want to be able to always remind someone of those moments with just one picture. I want nothing more than to get my photography out to the world and to one day be able to photograph my favorite bands, Music is a big influence on my work, along with the people themselves.

I want to capture the personality of the subject as much as I want to capture the moment they are creating for the world. My dream is to tour with warped tour just one time, or get the opportunity to just photograph one of my favorite bands with the proper access. Being a band photographer is a tough business when you don’t always get free range at a venue. I try to capture things that I find special no matter how deep in the crowd I am or how far away from the stage I may be.

One day I hope my dream will come true, and Ill be allowed to get on that stage with my idols, take their pictures, and be able to say “I’m the one who captured that memory for you to see the rest of your life.”

I need at least a week in advanced to set up appointments with me because my job schedule changes weekly, I need to request off to Photo a Gig. I Photo bands mostly but I can do portraits and various other things. Contact me whenever you need to.

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