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This marked the third year for the renowned pop rock band, Holly Would…, to host their annual holiday party at the NorVa in Norfolk, VA. Muzik Lounge was personally asked by bassist and organizer of the event to provide media coverage of the party. Covering this event and seeing these bands perform were a first for Muzik Lounge, so there were no expectations of how this night would unfold. Before the actual show started, Holly Would… performed a quick acoustic set for those in the V.I.P. area. One of those songs being their more popular hit, “Ida.” Shortly after Holly Would… acoustic set, Cooper’s Landing took the main stage and kicked off the start of the holiday show.

A three-piece pop punk band hailing from Yorktown, VA, Cooper’s Landing is a fresh face in the music scene, but they don’t play like it. These guys had a classic punk rock sound, and a great set of original songs. There’s a lot of promise for this band, so we can’t wait to hear what Cooper’s Landing has in store for the near future. D. Price appeared onstage after Cooper’s Landing set. Although the show predominantly featured rock bands, D. Price broke the mold when he performed his hip-hop music. D. Price’s stage presence and set were good, but found his lyrics to sound incoherent due to the DJ’s playing of the instrumentals and beats in the background drowning that sound out. After D. Price, What Looks Like Crazy (WLLC) went up onstage. Wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters, and featuring the drummer from the ex band Aduro, WLLC rocked out and got into the holiday spirit. With frontman, DJ’s, mic twirling and throwing, it kept the crowd on their toes and reminded me a bit of Taking Back Sunday’s stage presence. On The Bright Side performed afterwards, and brought a feminine touch to the party. Their alternative sound lead by female vocalist, Amanda, was quite reminiscent of Alanis Morrisette. It was sweet when she threw roses out to the crowd. After On The Bright Side, mOcean was next and the last of the guest bands to perform before the hosts of the party took the stage. mOcean’s music was on another level. With a mix of alternative, heavy, and psychedelic rock their name and sound truly represent who they are: emotion. Soon after mOcean’s set ended, the boys from Holly Would… slowly took the stage, and set the night for a holiday rock show.

Holly Would… played most of their songs from their new album, If Word Got Out. It was entertaining seeing lead vocalist and guitarist David, rocking out in the crowd during their song performance of “Senorita.” With awesome stage presence, lit beach balls, balloons, leaf blower rolls of toilet paper and glow sticks being thrown around, Holly Would… definitely kept the crowd wanting more, and for the night to never end.

Although the show didn’t cater to a full house, it was still a fun and intimate party with talented bands and performers.

Written by: Aly